Friday, 24 August 2012

This is my first full writing post in a while but i have restarted school so im finding it hard to update constantly. So right now the style is army print or the distressed look , in topshop i recently bought aan army print jacket and grey and black leggings. I personally think that this is a great look as it works wether its warm or cold outside , pair an army print jacket with leggings or if its warm a pair of coloured or plain denim shorts x So to conclude in my opinion the army print jacket is the must have item xx

Beach girl

Topshop lover

Monday, 13 August 2012

Ok so on my last post I did a biker look but this is the part when i tell you how to get that look

Some people can make a mess when trying to pull of the biker chic look but infact its really easy and it looks great . Pair with a sequined coat for a casual or dressed up look , but the main key is a pair of biker boots and most importantly chunky jewelry and lots of it , like a cuff on each hand and a great necklace , i used a gold necklace to bring the gold sequined coat in a bit more but its entirely up to you xx

So now that leaves me to say go ahed and try , any questions feel free to ask me on blogger , on my polyvore or even message me on polyvore , my name is styleboudoir .

And one last thing remember Life A Life Of Fashion xx

Leather Biker chic

Leather Biker chic

Cropped jacket / 10 Crosby Derek Lam circle skirt / Ash black boots, $465 / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs jewelry / Hematite jewelry, $655 / Forte Forte chain necklace, $200 / Giorgio Armani lip stick

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ok so first I have not updated for a while buuuut thats because for the past eleven days i was in the south of France for my holidays but of course that means a twenty minute drive to St Tropez :) so while in St tropez i got a new jumper its a biscuity colour with spikes on the shoulders which is a style thats in right now. Right now the olympics are on and wow was that an amazing opening ceremony or what ! all the sport going on has kind of given me an idea so each day i will pick a sport and then make a set on polyvore about fashions inspired by the sport , it might not work but hey theres always a point in trying !i will try and upload that today because well theres not much to do when its raining (as usual) x so yeah look out for my sport posts xx